2. Will Hunting's Attitudes towards Education and Career


2.3.: 3rd Episode: At Gerald Lambeau's Office


2.4.1. Define 'atmosphere' and describe the atmosphere at the office of a renowned math professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, look up  http://www.mit.edu/)


2.4.2. Taking on the role of a director make suggestions on how to create an atmospere like this in a movie.


2.4.3. Memorize the following words and phrases that come up in the episode. Check the pronunciation. Write down statements and short dialogues applying this vocabulary and read them out to the class.



travel regularly by bus, train, car, etc. between one's place of work and one's home


a person who takes part in negotiations, e.g. in discussions at reaching an agreement

on one's own time

during one's free time

to reflect poorly on sb

to make sb appear to be bad

fumble around

to move around in an awkward way while doing sth or looking for sth especially using the hands

fuck sth up

spoil or ruin sth, to mess sth up


2.4.4. Watch the episode and focus on the assignments:


            - Why has Will come to the office ?


            - What is Lambeau concerned about and why ?


            - What do we learn about Will's and Lambeau's attitides towards life ?


            - Start writing a personality profile about Lambeau that you complete in section II:

   Working on the movie.


2.4.5. Discuss your answers in groups. In case you have trouble answering a question, ask your teacher to give you the screeplay of the episode. Fill in your findings on the worksheet.













Lambeau's Office - Day


Good Will Hunting – A Screenplay; Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, with an introduction by Gus Van Sant. Miramax Books, Hyperion, New York 1997, pp. 112 – 114



You know, Professor Lambeau is really quite a great man.


Okay, Tom.


I hope you appreciate what Professor Lambeau's been trying to do for you. Because I've been here through this whole process. I've been sitting here and I know how much he enjoys working with you, not against you.


This is correct. I see you used McClaren here -


I don't know what it's called.


- This can't be right.

This is going to be very embarrassing. Have you ever considered -


I'm pretty sure it's right.

Can I ask you a favor – can we do this at Sean's from now on? 'Cause I leave work to come here, and the fuckin' commute is killin' me -


That's fine, but did you ever think -


It's right.

Take it home with you.


Will, what happened at the McNeil meeting?


I couldn't go 'cause I had a date. So I sent my chief negotiator.


Will, on your own time, you can do what you like. When I set up a meeting with my associates and you don't show up, it reflects poorly on me.


Then don't set up any more meetings.


I'll cancel every meeting right now. I'll give you a job myself. I just wanted you to see what was out there.


- Maybe I don't want to spend my life sittin' around and explaining shit to people.


The least you can do is show me a little appreciation.


- You know how fuckin' easy this is to me? This is a joke!

And I'm sorry you can't do this. I really am. 'Cause if you could I wouldn't be forced to watch you fumble around and fuck it up.


Sure, then you'd have more time to sit around and get drunk. Think of how many fights you could have been in by now.

You're right, Will. I can't do that proof and you can. And when it comes to this there are only twenty people in the world that can tell the difference between you and me. But I'm one of them.


Well, I'm sorry.


So am I.

Yes. That's right, Will. Most days I wish I never met you. Because then I could sleep at night. I wouldn't have to walk around with the knowledge that someone like you was out there. And I wouldn't have to watch you throw it all away.


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