F i r s t T r y C o m p a n y

The Sponsors

The Company FTC was sponsored by

(he placed is pictures at our disposal
and also helped to design the calendar)

- the British Embassy - Berlin Office

- the Dresdner Bank Oranienburg

- argo webdesign - A. Müller Borgsdorf

- S & T - Scan Berlin-Reinickendorf

- printing office Scherwinski Oranienburg

For all the people who already decided to buy a copy of the calendar, can now secure one guaranted.
FTC offers options for you. So you make sure you can buy the calendar. One option costs 10 DM, if you get the calendar you just pay another 10 DM. Every option is already a piece of art, which was designed by students of Mr. Metzler. If you are interested
you can write to:

Projekt FTC - First Try Company
F.F.Runge- Gymnasium
Stralsunder Straße 13
16515 Oranienburg

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