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In the Nikolaichurch in Oranienburg (near Berlin) you can see the "Wende- Altar" of
Brunolf Metzler. It’s a triptych, which shows you the people before, during, and after the wall came down.

Metzler, art- teacher at the F. F. Runge- Gymnasium in Oranienburg, placed photos of this altar piece at the disposal of the students of the 12th class who take part in the project of ACHIEVERS INTERNATIONAL. With these photos we design a calendar of art for the year 1999 ("Ten years after the wall came down"), which will be sold by our partner school in Scotland, and even by us. This calendar shows you a part of the triptych with an English interpretation on every leaf.

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The Triptych

In this picture you can see the complete altar piece. The artist, Brunolf Metzler, not only painted the triptych for his amuse. In this picture the viewer can see scenes, which have a real historical background. As it is a triptych it consists of three parts: dealing with the time before 1989, during the "Wende" and a vision of the future as well.

The left wing of the triptych describes the impressions of the East German people before 1989. This time was characterised by the isolation of the people. You can see groups standing on floating islands. The candles in the background symbolise the fact that all kinds of people gathered at churches which were observed by the former East German government. The two faces merged into one another are the symbol of the permanent presence of state security at those meetings.

On the right wing you can see the initials "N.F." which stand for "Neues Forum", a grassroots democracy movement, that Metzler, the artist, was a co- founder of in the area of Oranienburg. In the foreground you can see typical representatives of the grassroots democracy movement that kept pressing the East German government for change. The viewer will be reminded of October and November 1989. You can see the last military parade held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary to the foundation of the East German state, the wall coming down and the power of the church at demonstrations and gatherings.

In the central part you can see the table of holy communion with Jesus and Johannes. The table is laid, but the expected guests have not arrived yet. The artist left out the disciples that normally sit at this table. Jesus is looking to heaven - an apocalyptic vision. People originating from different social orders as well as backgrounds are presented.

In this triptych the artist deals not only with the outer appearance of the "Wende" but he also refers to the interior "Wende": the changing of the people themselves.


Every month a part of the triptych is presented. All the single pictures, which the viewer can see from January to December, he can also find in one of the parts of the triptych. As an example you can see the picture of November here. When  you look at the triptych, if you will find this part.

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