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Achievers International

What is Achievers International?

Achievers International is a Scottish charity organisation to help young people to understand business and trade. With this project we can use our creativity and teamwork to create our own company and to make decisions we have to do in our life later. Last year it was the flagship project between Georgia, USA and Scotland.

Who supports Achievers International?

Achievers International is supported by The Royal Bank of Scotland, Marks and Spencer, The Scottish Enterprise, Enterprise Ayrshire, the British Telecom and the Rotary Club. It is also appreciated by the politicians Al Gore (Vice President of USA) and Toni Blair (British Prime Minister).

The programme

Before we started this project, we had to deal with the key objectives of this project. We had to establish a company and give the company a name. In this company each person was assigned a job and has to operate like a member in a real company. Our company named FTC (First Try Company) has to work together with the company of the partner school in Scotland. We have to contact the partner school via letter, phone, fax, internet and video conference. Then we and our partner school have to conduct market research in the area we live in. We have to create a product which has to be sold by the other company and we have to sell the product of our partners. We have to control the import and the export operations and if we  work well  we can make profit at the end of our work at least in experience.

What are the key objectives?

  • - young people should learn how to form and manage a business

  • - show the work in an enterprise

  • - present young people the way of working together in international trade

  • - gain communication skills; learn how to use multimedia (networking)

  • - work together with other cultures - practice other languages

  • - practice teamwork and creativity

  • - develop entrepreneurship

  • - prepare for  life in the 21st century and global economy

If you want to know more about the project you can use this link to get more information.

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